Our water comes from Victoria's Black Hill Mountain

That's why it's crystal clear, refeshingly pure water.

Filtered via Volcano

Rainfall in the Victoria Black Hill Mountains is captured in a cone and naturally filtered by the fine scoria in the Volcano.

Pure and Fresh

The water remains above the water table, so it remains pure, fresh, and protected from possible contamination. Plus it has a highly sought after PH of 8.1.

Free from chemicals & additives

The water is pure and naturally filtered at the source, and we ensure the highest quality keeping it that way by only using natural movement and oxygen treatments during the shipping and bottling process, to keep the water chemical free and high quality.

We keep a strict control of water quality which complies with both Australian standard and international code – ISO9002, ensuring customers’ peace of mind as our natural spring water meets only the highest standards of quality.

Complies with all international standards