Why Natural Springs Australia?

In many areas throughout the world, a natural source of quality spring water delivered to your door can be hard to find. In Hong Kong’s heat and humidity it is vital to consume sufficient water and essential minerals throughout the day to ensure hydration & peak body function. Our processes provide a safe product for consumers to drink. It maintains all of its natural minerals.

This is why we prefer to drink water from Natural Springs Australia.


Is delivery free?

Yes! Delivery is free! We just require a 3 bottle per delivery minimum and have a stair fee (see the question below for more details).

What is the stair fee?

Delivery to the ground floor or any floor accessible via an elevator is free. However, for delivery locations without an elevator, a surcharge of HK $5 will be applied for each bottle for delivery to the 1st floor, or HK $10 for delivery to the 2nd floor. If you need delivery higher than the 2nd floor and do not have an elevator please contact us!

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to almost all regions in Hong Kong, including Kowloon, Lantau Island, and the New Territories. See our delivery schedule here for the complete list of districts we deliver to! If you do not see your district on this list then please contact us!

When will I receive my order?

We employ our own delivery team so all orders placed before 16:30 will be delivered on the next available day for your region. See our delivery schedule here for further information.

Do you deliver on public holidays?

Unfortunately we do not deliver on public holidays or weekends.


How do I use the sign up bonus code?

To get a free bottle with your first order when you sign up, simply add 4 or more bottles to your cart and then enter the code SIGNUPBONUS into the discount code box on the checkout page! You can also combine the code with your bottle pack code if you wish to purchase a bottle pack first! So first purchase a bottle pack, then follow the instructions in the bottle pack email to order individual bottles, and then enter the SIGNUPBONUS code into the same box as your bottle pack code on the checkout page!

Why is there a 3 bottle minimum order quantity?

In order to deliver to all our customers in all of Hong Kong's regions and offer free delivery, we require a 3 bottle minimum per delivery.

Why can't I purchase 2 bottle packs at the same time?

Our system applies a special discount to the bottle packs for you, however it can only do this once per order. If you wish to purchase multiple bottle packs, simply make separate orders or contact our office at +852 2484 1388!

What is the refundable deposit?

We charge a refundable deposit for the collection of the empty bottles. When you want to terminate your account and our service we will refund you this amount. We keep track of how many empty bottles each customer has and the cost of any missing bottles will be deducted from this refundable deposit.

Bottles and Bottle Packs

How do I use bottle packs?

Watch this helpful video for details!

How do the bottle packs work?

Save up to HK $480 by purchasing bulk bottles in advance! A bottle pack will email you a code which you can use to individually order bottles whenever you need them (make sure to save this email)! If you need help watch the video above!

I have less than 3 bottles left in my bottle pack credit. What do I do?

No need to worry! You can combine bottle pack credit codes, so simply purchase another bottle pack and apply both bottle pack credit codes at the checkout! Or, if you do not want to purchase another bottle pack, then you can simply pay for the 3rd bottle separately. If you have any concerns or need assistance you can call our office at +852 2484 1388! Watch this video for more help:

How do I see how many bottles I still have remaining in my bottle pack?

When you purchase a bottle pack you will be sent a unique link to your bottle pack credit. Save this link! This page will update with the number of remaining bottles in your pack.

What do I do with the empty bottles?

Please hold on to them! We will collect them from you the next time we deliver. We keep track of how many empty bottles each customer has and the cost of any missing bottles will be deducted from the refundable deposit.


Any other questions?

You can contact us through our contact page or you can call our office at +852 2484 1388! We will be happy to assist you.