Electric Pump

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Don't need heating or cooling and prefer a more portable solution than a dispenser? Then this electric pump is just what you need! It is super easy to install and uses a rechargeable battery to conveniently dispense your water at the press of a button.

Press once to start pumping for 60 seconds (will dispense roughly 1.8L). Press and hold for 2 seconds to start pumping for 10 minutes. Press a second time to stop pumping.

Charging indicator light (red) will turn off when the device is fully charged.

Charge for about 5 hours before first use.

Do not charge with fast chargers (maximum 5V 2A).

Do not wash with water or any other liquids.

Charge battery promptly after it has fully discharged.

Fully charge before storing.

Rated power: 4W
Voltage: 5V
Weight: 300g

This product is covered by a standard product warranty for 6 months after the date of purchase.




Rainfall in the Victorian Central Highlands is captured in a cone and naturally filtered by the fine scoria of the ancient volcano deep within the Earth.

The water sits above the water table, so it remains pure, fresh, and protected from possible contamination, giving it its naturally high PH of 8.1.

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