Spring Water vs Filtered Water

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Natural spring water is considered to be the purest form of water, flowing freely from natural springs. For us, that comes directly from dormant volcanoes in the Victorian Central Highlands. Filtered water is treated by removing impurities through a filtration system.
Though filtered water is safe to drink, spring water has some additional benefits over it.
  1. Naturally pure: Spring water is pure and is not subject to any treatment or chemical additions like filtered water. It flows freely from underground sources and is free from any artificial additives, making it an ideal source of water for regular consumption.
  2. Contains essential minerals: Spring water absorbs natural minerals from its surroundings. In our water, natural minerals such as sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium are found and they are essential for proper body functioning and contribute to healthy bones, skin, and teeth.
  3. Tastes better: Spring water tastes pure and fresh because it is not subjected to chemicals like chlorine that can affect the taste of filtered water.
  4. Extra hydration power: Spring water is naturally alkaline and free from impurities, making it easier for the body to absorb and hydrate itself. It also helps flush out toxins and promotes liver and kidney function.

Home filtration systems in particular can vary in effectiveness. According to a study headed by researchers from Duke University and North Carolina State University, not all types of in-home filters are completely effective at removing chemicals from drinking water, and a few could do more harm than good if not properly maintained.

So while filtered water is safe to drink and better than tap, it does not contain the natural minerals that are beneficial to the body nor does it have the purity and taste of spring water.

So, when given the option, choose spring water for its extra benefits for your health, the environment, and the delicious taste. Choose Natural Springs Australia.
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